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Little Guy Rig Mats are consistently reliable and durable. Our mats are designed for heavy weight distribution. With the use of rig mats, reclamation cost are far less or non-existent. Our Rig Mats provide a large smooth working platform for any type of work to be done in a safe clean environment.

Rig Mat Features and Benefits:
4 Beam Heavy Duty Steel Framed inserted sections with 6″x 6″wood blocking
3 Beam Standard Steel Framed inserted sections with 6″x 6″ wood blocking
6″ wide flange steel construction
Shackles for lifting
Easy Loading

8’x40′ (7200 lbs.)
8’x20′ (4000 lbs.)
Thickness 6″
Weight 3500-7200lbs
Load Capacity 3500 lbs /sq ft