Little Guy Oilfield Rentals: Leader in Equipment Rentals & Rig Mat Rentals in Grande Prairie & Northern Alberta

Need help finding the right solutions on a deadline and budget? Here at Little Guy Oilfield Rentals we are committed in providing our customers with efficient and exceptional service. Our experienced and knowledgable staff can answer any questions you may have, and can produce the results that will help you finish your job in a safe and economical manner.

At Little Guy Oilfield Rentals we provide a variety of product rentals as rig mat rentals, equipment rentals, skid steer rentals, excavators rentals and light tower rentals to Grand Prairie, and Northern Alberta. All of our rentals are designed to reduce physical and mental stress on your employees working in challenging terrain and harsh weather. Our goal is to increase worksite morale with our rig mat rentals and equipment rentals. Don’t let harsh terrain slow down your worksite progress, contact us today to find out more about our rig mat rentals and equipment rentals.