Little Guy Oilfield Rentals: Your Source For Equipment Rentals & Rig Mat Rentals In Fort McMurray & Northern Alberta

Working in the oilfield industry presents unique challenges, which can lead to worksite stress and possible safety hazards. This is why at Little Guy Oilfield Rentals we strive to understand the problem and use our knowledgeable and experienced staff to find the solution. With our help, your job can be completed in a time efficient and budget cautious manner.

Not only do our rig mats provide our employees and clients with a safe working environment, they’re designed to reduce environmental impact. With a zero ground disturbance rating, our rig mats prevent topsoil and vegetation damage. These are just some of the reasons why we’re the leader in rig mat rentals in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Little Guy Oilfield Rentals also provide a wide range of equipment rentals, such as skid steer rentals, excavators rentals, and light tower rentals in Fort McMurray. Contact us today to find out more about our rig mat rentals and equipment rentals.