Little Guy Oilfield Rentals: What We Do

Learn More About Edmonton Rig Mats and Equipment Rentals

Working in the oilfield industry and other industries presents many unique challenges that are often unpredictable. Here at Little Guy Oilfield Rentals we understand that you need a solution quickly and effectively. We provide rig mat rentals and equipment rentals in the Edmonton and Northern Alberta area, which will help you overcome your jobsite obstacles. Our diligent crew will work around the clock to assure that there will be little delay in your worksite productivity. We also make sure that we provide high quality Edmonton equipment rentals.

We focus and specialize in customer service. Our goal is to get your rig mats, equipment rentals, and light tower rentals to you when you need them. We provide the solutions that get you, the customer, where you need to go. We are committed to conducting business in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Little Guy Oilfield Rentals provides our wide customer base—oilfield workers, painters, landscapers, construction workers, etc.— with a turnkey solution on time and on a budget.